Desiree Burch Narrates the Brand New Series of Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle'. Out Now!

The brand new series of Netflix's hit show 'Too Hot To Handle' has dropped. Narrated by Desiree Burch,

Hosted by a cone-shaped virtual assistant named "Lana," the show revolves around a group of adults - all of whom primarily engage in meaningless flings and are unable to form long-lasting relationships - who are placed together in a house for four weeks. While there, the contestants must go through various workshops, all while being forbidden from any kissing, sexual contact or self-gratification. The idea behind this is to foster genuine connections between the participants. The contestants start with a $100,000 grand prize that gets reduced any time a rule is broken.

Each season starts with 10 new contestants, although later new additions occasionally join throughout. Similarly, contestants who are unable to form connections in the house or commit to the process are sometimes kicked out.

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